The Mystery Agency is a brand new collection of mystery puzzle experiences. You receive a package containing artefacts, documents and puzzles which you use examine and decipher to piece together the story and solve the mystery.
Due to international air and sea freight delays, our mysteries will now arrive from mid February 2021 – though arrival times of freights and the respective games varies. To stay up to date with the latest information, see our Shipping Updates page.
The contents of each mystery box is different but every box contains themed documents and physical objects, a series of 15-20 interconnected puzzles, tasks and challenges which must be solved in order to unravel the mystery.
You can solve one of our mysteries on your own or with up to about 6 players solved in order to unravel the mystery.
Between 60 and 90 mins.
In addition to the mystery itself, you will also need a device with access to the internet. Here you can get your first clue, enter the solution to the mystery, and receive hints if needed. We would recommend accessing this on a desktop device.
Our mysteries contain small parts and the storylines of some contain some spooky content so we recommend them for those aged 14+.
Yes, we ship worldwide. Once you’ve selected your mystery, the shipping options are displayed. Scroll to find your country and the price will be shown.
Shipping is not included – once you’ve selected your mystery, the shipping options are displayed. Scroll to find your country and the price will be shown.
If you order a bundle from The Mystery Agency you will receive one of each mystery (The Balthazar Stone, The Ghost in the Attic and The Vanishing Gambler) and all 3 mysteries must be delivered to the same address.
However, the mysteries may arrive at different times due to factors out of our control.
A gift card is a monetary value that the recipient can redeem at a date convenient to them and can be used as part or full payment towards any of our mysteries.
A gift voucher is for a specific mystery of your choosing that you select when you order, please ensure the shipping address is the recipient of the mystery.
Please select the product you wish to purchase by pressing ORDER NOW , there is no need for you to complete the recipient name and email.
Once you are happy with your basket press PROCEED TO CHECKOUT , on this page you will have the option to add a COUPON CODE , please enter the code on your gift card here and the financial value of your gift card will be deducted from the order.
You do not need to do anything, you will be sent the mystery / mysteries as soon as they are available.
Please email info@themysteryagency.com with your order information and one of the team will respond to you within 48 hours.