Buy A Mystery Puzzle

Our agents have delved deep into the archive to find some of the most bizarre and puzzling mysteries for you to solve.

  • The Ghost In The Attic

    £45.00 inc. VAT

    Can you play the haunted game and banish the ghost forever?

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  • The Vanishing Gambler

    £45.00 inc. VAT

    Can you the track down the missing casino cheat who vanished from his Las Vegas jail cell?

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  • The Balthazar Stone

    £50.00 inc. VAT

    Can you unlock the ancient chest, find the Balthazar Stone and break the ancient curse?

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  • Three Game Bundle

    Value Mystery Bundle

    £120.00 inc. VAT

    Save £20. Purchase all 3 games in one!

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  • Gift Card

    Suggested price: £45.00

    Recommended gift card value – £45 or £50 for one, £100 for two or £120 for all three mysteries.

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