The Ghost In The Attic

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Can you play the haunted game and banish the ghost forever?

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Can you play the haunted game and banish the ghost forever?

Terrible things happened to those who played this haunted board game when it was released in the 1950s. But the only way to solve the mystery is to play the game yourself.

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15 reviews for The Ghost In The Attic

  1. Bob Lamb (verified owner)

    Just completed and we loved every minute. Now going to challenge my sons to a timed solution!

  2. Tracey S (verified owner)

    Just completed this with my partner. It was really good, not easily solved but excellent fun and definitely going to try the other two games! Really cleverly put together!

  3. AJ

    This is amazing. From the moment we opened the box it was completely engaging. I genuinely got goosebumps because it was so spooky.

  4. reanne

    Made for an amazing evening with my partner. The thing I loved most about this story is that once you’ve played through the puzzles, you have a fully function board game to play too! Which in itself was very fun and hilariously frustrating. The puzzles were tricky enough to be challenging but not infuriating, and the theming and story was awesome too. I hope they do more in the series like this.

  5. Ada

    I absolutely LOVED playing this, its the first escape room/ mystery experience I’ve ever done and it was brilliant. all the clues were so smart and the story was intriguing. you can tell that so much effort was put into making this game. for anyone who loves mysteries I would defiantly recommend this experience.

  6. Nicholas “Doctor Mobius” Corkigian

    This was a fun mystery to solve. It wasn’t fiendishly difficult, but it did take a bit of puzzle-solving. I only had to use the online hints once for the colour puzzle as I have some colour deficiencies. I knew what I had to do; I just couldn’t see the right colours.

  7. Clark Binkley (verified owner)

    Brilliant! Everything was so well put together and nailed the spooky/mysterious atmosphere. Convinced me to order the other two sets right away. In meantime, we’re going to try actually playing the Ghost In The Attic game-within-a-game!

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    Wow, that was intense! We even started talking about the characters as real people. Beautifully put together, well thought out, and engaging. We ordered our second strait after finishing the ghost in the attic.

  9. Josh Lenton

    Amazing! The level of attention to detail in this mystery was top notch, Head was throbbing by the time we solved it but what a wonderful afternoon we had doing it.
    It even has some sherlockian style clues which for us was just the icing on the cake.
    Cannot wait to do the other mysteries

  10. Naomi Burdett (verified owner)

    Spent 4 hours playing this with my family today and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We’ll be ordering the other two!

  11. knj.kendall

    Our whole family loved this, age range from 9 – 66 years old. All of us took part and completed it in an hour! So good and highly recommend!

  12. Emily Tupper (verified owner)

    We throughly enjoyed this game!! A great way to spend an evening with friends! Loved the spooky theme and we all got into the spirit of the game. Everything is well planned and thought out. Definitely recommend. It gives you chills!! Can’t wait to try the others.

  13. Mollie

    Absolutely fantastic! We had so much fun trying to solve the mystery and we were stumped a few times but the hints were really useful. Good family fun 🙂 Highly recommended!

  14. Harry Ford

    An amazing experiance with great storytelling and fun puzzles. Love the spooky theme throughout and was very well crafted. Well done to Henry Lewis for doing something so different to mischief theatre!

  15. danmartine (verified owner)

    Really inventive escape game! By far the best we have played – and the bonus of a game within the game!!!

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