The Balthazar Stone

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Can you unlock the ancient chest, find the Balthazar Stone and break the ancient curse?

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Can you unlock the ancient chest, find the Balthazar Stone and break the ancient curse?

Join Elsa Winslow on her journey to Sharktooth Island. To solve the mystery, you must unlock an ancient treasure chest, find Balthazar’s Stone and break its ancient curse.

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13 reviews for The Balthazar Stone

  1. Lewis Wilson (verified owner)

    We had a fun evening figuring this out, but it was tough. We have done a number of escape rooms so that helped us know how to think (although there are clues on offer—which we didn’t use so I can’t comment on that.). There were 4 of us working on it and we did it in an hour, but I was glad to have a chess/logic powerhouse helping us! Everyone contributed. It was 2 adults and 2 older teens. I wouldn’t recommend it for 13 and under as it was too tough, but for our family it was a great night in!

  2. Marian

    Received this a couple of days ago. A little delayed, but well worth the wait. Took 2 of us about an hour and a half having chosen not to put ourselves under any time pressure. We did use a couple of clues which were helpful but not too direct.

  3. Anna Cheetham

    I was given this for my birthday and was utterly delighted with it. The puzzles are just the right level of challenging to give a good brain workout, and a sense of achievement on solving, without creating too much frustration. And everything is beautifully designed and a joy to look at, touch and use.

    Although the recommended age is for teens and up, my husband and I solved this with our 10 year old daughter who also absolutely loved it and was able to make very valuable contributions to the team effort. She is a puzzle lover and we’ve played Escape Room games with her before, so the idea wasn’t totally new to her, but I hope people with similarly aged and experienced children won’t be put off by the recommended age, at least for this particular mystery – I can’t comment on how suitable the others might be.

  4. Amy (verified owner)

    So satisfying to do. Took a while to work out but got there in the end. Really good quality which kept it feeling like an immersive experience. Can’t wait to get the whole collection on the shelf!

  5. Alex Hunter

    Amazing fun, ordered it for a lockdown anniversary with my partner and it was great fun, well worth the delay. We both had never done an escape room before so took a little longer than most, 2 hours (we missed a detail right infront of us…doh) but the attention to detail for a home kit was amazing! We found it tricky but didnt loose hope once. I ordered the bundel and cannot wait for the others.

    Hopfully we’ll be a bit quicker next time haha

  6. amy masterton

    Was a lot of fun and really gets your brain exercising with all the various puzzles, family fun or can be done alone can’t wait for the next

  7. Paul Kellett

    Superb puzzle experience. The box and contents are fantastic quality and the puzzles are tricky without being stupidly hard or requiring dubious leaps of logic. Took Me about 3 hours to solve and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  8. Amy

    This was the first Mystery agency game we played and we loved it. I would definitely recommend. A very fun afternoon was spent playing this.

  9. Samantha Grant

    This was bought for me as a birthday present and I loved it! The quality is fantastic. We spent a family evening doing this and it took us about 2 hours (with the help of our 9 and 11 year old – who also thought it was brilliant). Some of the clues stumped us for a while, but it was not so difficult that it put you off. We have since bought the Vanishing Gambler, which we also really enjoyed! I would thoroughly recommend this – brilliant quality and attention to detail.

  10. Russell Clark (verified owner)

    Absolutely joyful experience. As soon as we finished it I came straight back the website to order the next one.

  11. Gordon Graham

    Spent about 2 hours doing it and I did need a few clues but I absolutely loved the experience. Was feeling the covid blues and this really cheered me up. I really enjoyed the story behind the game too. Immediately placed orders for the other 2 available games. Hope more come out soon

  12. Peter Atkinson

    Really good evening with my wife and two teenage boys trying to crack this one. Very nicely packaged and a good level of thought had to go into solving some of the clues. One down two to go…

  13. Trudie Brown

    The thinking, the thought, the craft, the interconnecting of the whole mystery made it an amazing and different way for me and my husband to spend an evening. So much fun, we have already decided to order one a month for us to do together, keep em coming!

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