The Vanishing Gambler

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Can you the track down the missing casino cheat who vanished from his Las Vegas jail cell?

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Can you the track down Roy Marshall the missing casino cheat who vanished from his Las Vegas jail cell?

The Vanishing Gambler by The Mystery Agency is an escape-room puzzle to play at home. Themed around a missing casino cheat Roy Marshall, who vanished from his Las Vegas jail cell, you will need to use all your powers of deduction and logic to solve a baffling, mind mangling sequence of clues to crack combination locks, piece together the information and solve the mystery yourselves where the police have failed. 

You’ll need to hack into Roy’s bank account and even go undercover yourself. And it hasn’t been made easy for you – the document wallet itself has been padlocked and you will have to work out the combination just to get started!

One of 3 new gripping mystery puzzles available from The Mystery Agency, which have won the Best Innovator award at the @etroomers Bullseye Awards 2021.  The mastermind behind the puzzles is Olivier award-winner Henry Lewis, of the West End and Broadway hit, The Play That Goes Wrong and star of ITV’s brand-new Riddle-based quiz show ‘Riddiculous’

To solve The Vanishing Gambler you’ll need to launch an investigation across the pieces of evidence supplied in the box as well as discover secret websites that are hiding important clues.  Over 25 life-like pieces have been beautifully designed with extraordinary attention to detail and the set even features authentic ceramic casino chips and an embossed credit card.

The Vanishing Gambler is utterly compelling and thanks to the stunning tactile pieces, you will rapidly find yourself immersed into the case. It takes approximately 60 to minutes to solve – but could last a lot longer! If you get stuck, there are tiered hints available online to help you. 

Play alone or make it the perfect reason to invite friends around for a themed mystery party. Best of all, when you’ve solved The Vanishing Gambler you can repack it to share with someone else and challenge them to beat your time!

A complete mental workout, ingenious, challenging, and fun The Vanishing Gambler has been given 5* by our customers, dare you take the challenge and solve it as well?

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13 reviews for The Vanishing Gambler

  1. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Challenging puzzles, extremely high quality, and very satisfying to play

  2. Arron hodgson

    I absolutely love it! I would 100% recommend this to everyone I know. It’s a great way to pass the time. 10/10

  3. Becca

    Absolutely amazing! The activities were a cut above other similar games we have played. The mystery was compelling and kept us fully immersed. We can’t wait for the next one to arrive!

  4. Paul Kellett

    Great looking puzzle, excellent quality, thematic components. Very challenging puzzles, this one took Me and My partner a very enjoyable weekend to solve

  5. Amy

    We really enjoyed this. It was challenging and had enough components to keep all 4 of us involved.

  6. Vic

    OK. So. We were set to enjoy this, having enjoyed the stage productions pre-Covid from these guys. We have plenty of experience with breakout games, and as a gang of 10-50+ year olds feel we might be able to offer decent demographic feedback on this one. Quite honestly, the best escape room we have ever played. We hope those of you who have created this can read our feedback. You really are brilliant. One little note to players though, ignore websites in clues at your peril. Our blindness on that matter left us scratching our heads for many hours. We wanted to send in this feedback to say bravo to the team of creators. What a joy. We wish you every success. Of course we have bought all of your games so far and have loved them all. Bravo 👏🏻

  7. Richard

    We loved it! It was challenging, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable. From the youngest player aged 9 to the oldest aged 76 everyone had an amazing time playing this game.

  8. Marta

    Most excellent mystery! Husband and eye worked on it for a couple of evenings and absolutely loved it. Really feels like an escape the room. Wholeheartedly recommend it!

  9. Ms H and Mr B

    A wonderful way to avoid your telly for the evening. These games are superb fun and now that we’ve played two of them we can safely say it’s well worth collecting them all!

  10. Joanna and Mike

    What a fantastic evening of entertainment. Very well-thought out and just the right amount of challenge. We are looking forward to playing the other two games. Please can you make some more soon?! Very highly recommended.

  11. TG

    Really enjoyable. Good quality objects as part of ‘evidence’ package. Good variety of puzzles to keep everyone engaged – some easier than others, but challenging enough to keep everyone interested. Online elements were entertaining. Highly recommend!

  12. Mrs L (verified owner)

    Played with our two teenagers, we all love Henry Lewis so this was a must for us. Blown away. It was well packaged, and so detailed. Had so much fun, night away from tv, phones etc, obviously needed laptop for the website part. But a fantastic game. Would definitely recommend. Can’t wait to try the next two now. Please make more! Thank you x

  13. E.H

    Loved it, loved it, loved it! Such a beautifully detailed exciting game. Tricky and satisfying! Can’t wait to have a go at another one. Why can’t all escape room games be as engaging and detailed as these ones? And the fact that you can reset and replay makes them especially appealing!

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