Shipping Updates

LAST UPDATED: 22/02/2021

As per our last update our boxes are now on their way – though arrival times of freights and the respective games varies.

The individual mysteries will be arriving at different times in the UK due to separate shipping arrangements that were beyond our control. Once again, we thank you for bearing with us and for all your support.

The latest update by game is:

The Balthazar Stone – The boxes were set to start arriving from w/c 22nd February. Unfortunately, we have now been informed that the ship containing these has changed route and will now dock around 8th March. This means that deliveries will now commence from the end of that week.

The Vanishing Gambler – While these were loaded onto the freight at the same time as The Balthazar Stone, these were held at port for an additional 2 weeks (due to the ongoing shipping crisis). Therefore deliveries are expected to be from w/c 15th March.

Ghost in the Attic – Due to a delay in production these are now being shipped in February, at this stage we don’t have a definite date but we hope that the latest they will be delivered is end of March.

The Mystery Bundle – Due to the individual mysteries arriving in the UK at different times, the mysteries will be sent individually to UK customers as soon as they can be. The first of which will be The Balthazar Stone from the end of w/c 8th March.

LAST UPDATED: 20/01/2021

We can confirm that the sea freight containing our boxes has now left and is on its way. Your mysteries are estimated to now arrive on your doorsteps from mid-February.

Update: 11/01/21

Following the continued international pressures and reduction on air and sea freights over Christmas due to COVID – we must share with you all that our boxes are still awaiting shipment from overseas. We have been assured that our boxes will be shipped in the next available container – which is estimated to be the end of this week.

Our boxes have now been waiting at a port for over two months, with no available containers to bring them across. We have explored shipping them by air and alternate freight options at our own expense. However all forms of delivery of this nature are experiencing severe delays, a situation which a number of our friends likewise find themselves in:

We are as disappointed and frustrated as you. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and would like to thank all of you for your continued patience and understanding. The lack of containers does mean another brief delay in delivery to all of you, with your mysteries now estimated to arrive on your doorsteps from mid-February.

We thank you again for all your support, from those original Kickstarter backers to our newest recruits and accomplices. Stay tuned for more news and we will let you know when they have made it onto the freight.